Old Stove Article for Nick

Beautiful. I’m a Chambers Stove guy though. A chambers range high back model c 90 is the ultimate. Built like tanks. Weigh as much as a small car. Run on anything. Electricity not required. No plastic parts of course. Includes a separate broiler under the grill and a water boiler (ThermoWell). Will heat your home in an emergency too, it has a big ironl plate which acts as a thermal mass, it is between the burner and the racks which makes for very even baking.

Yup I’ve seen a number of Chambers stoves here in Bmore, they are pretty amazing.

I guess these days you’d have to get a very, very high end stove to equal their baking prowess.

Almost always some on Bmore Craigslist.


You guys out east have so many more available.

Yuppers, bring your pickup and load up!