My latest Chambers stove restoration parts are in, powder coated and chromed.

I’m restoring another Chambers stove in bright red, flat black and chrome. I just got all my parts back today.

Chrome pieces:

High heat powder coated pieces:

Red panels:

Here is what it looked like when I found it:

Nicks restoration.jpg

Nicks restoration.jpg

Nicks restoration.jpg

What would be the market value of it?

Nick, did an apartment from 1915 recently. Half of the units had one piece stove, oven, sink & bar fridge in the kitchen. About 6 feet in length, one piece stainless steel top/sink/stove top. Everyone used it for storage.

About 6 in total. The owner offered to sell them to me.

Have you heard of it? What’s the value?

Maybe something you’d enjoy! Lol they looked like the 57 Bel Airs of apartment kitchenettes!

It sounds like your are describing a Chambers Imperial stove.

They are worth about $4K each, before restoration. I know, it’s hard to believe an old, unrestored stove could be worth that much but that’s what the Chambers Imperial stoves go for every day of the week. The bad news is that model weighs about 700 pounds.

Saw a 1950’s Model B listed for sale outside of Des Moines for $125. How old do they have to be to see the big value?

Nick you been PM’ed

A model B, unrestored, with all the knobs is worth about $400. A model C is worth a bit more. I pay $500 for a local unrestored model C if it has all the parts. Restored, they can go for upwards of $8K.

I restore 8 or 9 a year.


Char wonders what it would cost to restore me

I’m thinking the sand blasting would hurt…

If you ever go into the restoration business, don’t do it like the shows on TV where they restore anything. There is no money in doing that. Instead, pick a narrow product line (such as vintage stoves) and stick with it. That way, over time, your understanding of the product gets stronger, you can run your operation like an assembly line, you have all the manuals on hand, and you have lots of spare parts.

Most likely why they are still there! A few we’re in incredible condition tho. Most we’re on the third floor…yikes!

I’ll dig up a pic and shoot it your way


Top grates and burners came in today. All done.