Nick needs this

It will burn the hair off your arm when you get a delayed oven burner light. Shook everything that was not bolted down. Wished Nick had this one and I had a feather we would both be tickled;-)

That’s a model C high back. I’m restoring 4 of them this month. I just got the panels on one redone in firetruck red and the top nickel plated. I’ll put up some PICs next week.

Over the years, I have also collected every document ever published about Chambers stoves. If you are restoring one, let me know and I’ll scan them for you and send them to you.

I am into horses not stoves just thought it strange I saw your post about your stoves and then I inspected a home yesterday that had one in use

I came across this on a inspection last month.

I don’t collect stoves but I’ve got a few pristine catalogs and price sheets from the 20’s & 30’s for Detroit Jewel “Coal saver” Furnaces, Keith’s Monitor, International Furnace, Campbell Heating, Ideal Furnace, Minneapolis Regulator and Champion Furnace Pipe Company which includes pricing for Asbestos by the pound.
Pretty cool stuff.