Older ducting..good air flow...question

Home built in the 1960’s, at some point central air was put in.
The ducting is of older style materials. Do I recommend a licensed
HVAC contractor to evaluate ? There is Good air flow at all the registers.







Evaluate what?

As a Hi hired to perform a visual inspection I don’t use the word Evaluate in my reports I write what I see as wrong.

If the joints were leaking air that would be on the repair list If the ducts were not insulated as required for a non-conditioned space that would be on the repair list. Does not matter when A/C was added to the system it was always required to insulate ducts.

I see a lot of older duct work that had central heat only in its original conception and has just the fiber glass wrap no vinyl or paper outer wrapping I don’t put that on the repair list but I do make a recommendation to upgrade to conserve energy