Older heater and ducting..Asbestos ? See pics

I should have gotten better pic of unit in closet.

but I have some attic shots. I need to know how to

write this one up.




Looks like it could be asbestas I can guess.

Inform them they could have it tested and not to disturb it.

Pics are fuzzy, you need a better camera.

The collasped ducts need to be disturbed IMO.

And sealed at joints and better insulated!! Replacement???

Yeppers. :smiley:

David, at the very least it should be evaluated by a HVAC contractor before the close of escrow with remedy as necessary.

The ducts are collapsed and POSSIBLY contain asbestos material, the picture of the furnace looks to me to be very very old and in poor working order.

Also for good measure any time I find gas applainces and or fireplaces I reccomend a CO detector. :smiley:

thanks for the info.

I was hoping a couple of others would chime in David.

Looking at the age of the furnace and the condition of the distribution ducts I would certainly recommend upgrading the entire system.

Grrrrrrrr Bk you are another one that uses that word let us have a discussion about it one day when I have more time.

Not likely abestoes on residential duct but anything is possible if in doubt have it tested. Appears to me that big foot has has been wondering around in the attic. Why does one need to have everything **Evaluated **why not just call out the repair and be done with it. BK don’t tell me that we are generalist I don’t want to hear it:D:D

Thanks for chiming in Charley. I would probably condem the system shown myself, but did not want to come on to strong for our new friend.

As for evaluating, call it something else if that twirls your turbines.

I also do not think the system can be repaired, it looks FUBAR from here.:smiley:

I believe that an HVAC contractor of some persuasion will need to come to the site and look at the entire system to give the client their expert opinion on just what exactly needs to be done, how long it will take to do whatever is going to be done, and estimate a cost.

I like to roll up all that long winded crap up in the word evaluation. :wink:

I have also seen asbestos tape on the odd resedential system myself from time to time. :mrgreen:

Well from the pic I would have said scrap it and start all over.

Never mind me I am going through my second child hood just don’t like that word evaluation never have and never will to me it just stands out like a sore thumb. Look here mister buyer I don’t know what is wrong here but I think maybe you should have a expert look at it. I have a guy in my area that uses that statement on every system plumbing,electrical,HVAC It just drives me crazy.

I can understand your frustration Charley. And I agrree that why the heck would you hire me if my report says to evaluate every system anyway. :smiley:

The milky white ducts and tape are a known ACM (asbestos-containing-material), and are damaged enough to be described as “friable,” and should be evaluated by a specialist. As for the furnace, there’s nothing more disarming than the plain truth. Without a close examination, I would describe it as being beyond its design-life, rust-contaminated, and should be evaluated by an HVAC contractor but, sensibly, replaced. Failing that, you might want to remove the flame cover, and look closely at the top of the scalloped combustion chamber, because you just might discover a cracked firebox.

There were a vast amount of milky white duct covering and tape that came along much after the ban of abestoes. Even though I have worked with abestoes many years in the past one still can not determine with certainly without the offical test. I prefer the statement (has the possibility of containing abestoes recommend lab testing)

I just inspected a 30+ furnace Tuesday it was very well maintained over the years exceptionally clean and performing as intended.

My statement for the buyer was as follows ( The upflow gas fired furnace MFG in 1971 and installed within the hall closet was operated through a normal cycle and was performing as intended. The average life expectancy for a standard gas fired furnace heat exchanger is 20 to 25 years.
This furnace has exceeded the average life expectancy for this type of equipment by many years and I high recommend that you budget for its replacement) That my story and I am sticking to it;-)

Charlie are you kidding?

Seriously , I see the stuff all the time in older places around here.

Bet you could make a nice ashtray out of what I carry inside me.

No Bob not kidding residential forced air duct here just almost never. Old steam and water yes almost always but not much steam and or hot water used here 98% all forced air ya know Okla is a gas producer Commercial industrial now that another story. We started with central heat late 40’s and early 50’s and used the old yellow fiber glass insulation with no outer barrier no central cooling at that time. I still see some of the old duct with no outer barrier installed that has been updated with cooling but nothing done with the insulation