Advice on Attic Heater ducting....see pics

I did a routine attic check on my home Inspection. This what I observed
for the heater ducting. Air supply was good at all the registers. One of the
pictures shows where some older ducting was replaced. Are these ducts
serviceable in their present condition?

I hope you realize that those are likely ACM.

David, instead of inserting small, difficult to view photos in-line in your posts you would be better off “attaching” them so larger versions could be viewed. See:

Hope you didn’t kick or anything like that.

Mike is correct - friable ACM (asbestos containing material). The distribution system needs to be replaced. You will not find a qualified HVAC contractor in CA who will try to “repair” the existing system.

Add some ceiling & wall insulation while you’re at it. I think Obama will pay you to do that. :mrgreen:

Thanks Jeff

Looks like someone has already tried to repair, modify the ductwork. I agree with Jeff though, expensive qualified contractor to remove, and qualified HVAC contractor to design and install replacement duct system.

That venting almost looks to new to contain Asbestos.
I have never seen it on that type venting before.

The answer: The entire system should be replaced by a licensed asbestos remediation contractor due to the likely presence of friable asbestos materials. In addition, we recommend testing of the interior air quality, in relation to asbestos levels, prior to occupancy.