Older HVAC? The Insider by Consolidated Technology Corporation

Here is one I’m stumped on that someone may be able to help me with.

I inspected a condo that had a consolidated unit “The Insider” by Consolidated Technology Corporation and I have never come across one until now. I am trying to locate more info on them (manufactured date, specs, etc) via www.building-center.org and google to write my report up properly and to make sure these aren’t recalled or have issues to be wary of but to no avail. The unit’s model number is #CSHP18A05LC but the serial number was not present on the label.

Has anyone seen or heard of these units? If so where would I be able to locate info on them?


All-in-one package unit, typically installed or hung on an exterior wall for venting.
See them in older condos (and construction trailers).

Serial number is needed for manufactured date, but they’re old.

Here is a manual with lots of info:
Insider Service Manual 3-02.pdf (464.9 KB)

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@ddagostino Yeah this condo was built in 1997 so I figured that had something to do with it, but I will take a look at the manual to try and get a bit more info. Thank you.