Older lights

Any remarks or opinions about the item in the picture. I believe these are gas lights and I am not sure if they still work. Would the utility wire be a concern if the light still worked?

Would you report them or recommend to remove.

88206 Cleveland 008 (Small).jpg

**They look like Vintage Electrical Insulators, search to find images on Google. **

Glass Insulator Gallery

gas lights???

you youngsters. I remember when all we had were gas lamps:mrgreen:

OK David you are starting to scare me.:p:p

Just kidding, those are old glass insulators. As J. T pointed out do a google search.

We didn’t have gaslights in the cave when I was a kid—they hadn’t been invented yet.

Sometimes we had to draw on the walls in the dark…

…and not to mention the midnight strolls to the hole in the ground out back…

Dave meant well, he just didn’t know what they were. I might be tempted to ask the property owner if I could have those insulators, they still look in good shape!


I am not perfect. Not even close. There was no client or realtor present. I only posted for my own knowledge. Now I know. Thanks Bandag.

If you did not ask questions you would not have any answers!!!
The person who is not afraid to ask questions is not afraid to learn!

Those insulators are getting to be somewhat of a collector’s item. I have a couple around here I want to make night lights out of.

In the "olden days’ we used to watch TV by candlelight.

You had one of those kerosene TVs too huh?

OK I have another question? Where the old glass insulators used to support the old service wires. What are they or did they insulate. The ones in the picture are no longer in use correct?

Older service drop wire was bare. Rubber insulation would not hold up in the weather. Overhead spans were basically K&T. You still have that in medium and high voltage.

Hey Joe,
That pic (avatar) of you could have been used for halloween…:wink:

I wear that when I cook in my kitchen…:smiley:

Anyone for a “arc welding” dinners?..:mrgreen:


Howdy Patrick:

A student took that the picture last week while I was in Delaware, the outfit was used by one of my students who is a boiler inspector for an insurance company.