Some Old School Switch

I did an Inspection yesterday of a 1927 old Bungalow style house. This place was really in pretty good condition for its age. All the original wood floors, and doors and totally decked out interior trim. All the closets had these cool old pressure switches, I thought were cool that they all worked and were in good condition. Yes I know these were added on but still old style and cool.


Yep… cool stuff!

Btw… did you write up that j-box for the missing bushing/clamp?

How about this switch that still works for knob and tube. :smiley:

Jeff as a matter of fact I did recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrical contractor as to the open wiring safety concerns. :wink:

Kevin, those are some cool devices. I have a shed full of old stuff like that as was an electrical contractor for over 25 years and did my fair share of old structure rehab work. ahhh the good ole days*…;-)*