Magic Chef age

I had a Magic Chef air handler Model H6F30S-2 ser A00874ECC. I can not find the age. Can anyone help or am I missing something? BTW I do have a Preston’s Guide and still could not find it.

Help please

I am guessing but i would say a 1987 would that be common to the rest of the homes age?

The house was built in the Fifties and the compressor was 97 or 98

ECC in the serial number is month (May), year (1982), and place of manufacture.

Thanks Russel I was making a stab at it i could not find anything on it.

Thanks I appreciate it. I will add this one to my notes. Thank you all for the help.

it might be older, magic chef is ancient from what i recall, i would say 1974
then again, whats the condition? it might be on the electrical panel in the corner? on a sticker or diagram…