Johnson Corp Furnace with no serial number

Can some identify this furnace age please?

There was a plate but the serial number was CLEAN blank.
MUCH appreciated!

Kinnane 6-16 070 (Small).jpg

Johnson Air-Ease became Magic Chef in 1984, so 1984 or earlier.

Like Russell said AND looks like unit is belt drive. Most of the major manufacturers had quit using belt drives on residential furnaces by
about 1980 +/-.

In any case on an A/C or furnace where the data plate is unreadable or has a model number I can’t find in my Carrier Blue Book or Preston Guide - we simply state that fact - tell them it appears to be an older unit that may be at or near the end of its safe lifespan, and suggest they have a competent and licensed HVAC contractor service the unit prior to closing and verify the proper operation of the entire system (if its a furnace we also add that the contractor should verify the full integrity of the heat exchanger).

I always cover my butt concerning gas furnaces by putting the onus on the sellers:

Russell -
You’ve always seemed real careful to me, but that part about if they can’t prove servicing in the past 12 months do it again, is a little loose for me. I could take a physical today and show real good but develop major problems 9 months down the road that just haven’t surfaced yet.

Theres a lot of things that can go wrong in 12 months that you or I can’t see (like the split in the HE), and that very possibly won’t surface in the HI.

That’s true.

But I’m not comfortable providing the same type of recommendation for water heaters and furnaces that I do for fireplaces and chimneys (a Level II inspection notwithstanding all else about the fireplace and chimney).

Unfortunately, people here never have their water heater (gas shutoff valve, water shutoff valve, and TPR valve) tested/inspected, much less annually. Nor do they have their furnaces tested/inspected since we rarely have a chance to use them. I recommend annual inspection/servicing, so if the sellers cannot prove that they’ve been doing that annual inspection/servicing by providing proof that it has been done withint the past 12 months (that’s the annual part), then I recommend that such be done now.

It’s the best I’ve come up with, but I’m willing to change here. There are some things that I am not willing to change, like reporting on some of the stuff that folks a little north of me report on, but that’s neither here nor there for this situation.

What would, or do, you recommend?