Olympic Boycott

I am not watching the Olympics.
Boycott due to opening ceremony celebrating socialized medicine.
Best to all of the competitors.

Brain washing I do believe! What has this world come to!

It is a conspiracy world wide .

And I thought the conspiracy was was limited to this MB. :twisted:

If people keep boycotting everything and everybody that doesn’t share their same ideals they are going to end up not being able to leave the house. :wink:

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Or even their own bedroom. :slight_smile:

I don’t boycott. I just don’t watch them ever since the pro’s got involved.:frowning:

Because it was only amateurs competing before? :slight_smile:

That could be potentially before your time. (I think I may have a couple of years on you) Yes, at one time the Olympics was actually a sport. No Major League, or professional league anything.

Google “satanic ritual olympics 2012”

I was just messing with you James. My point was that other countries PROS have been in the Olympics long before ours. It has not been truly a competition between amateurs for a long time.

Yep, I believe Russia was one of the first.

I will watch along with my grandson when I can.

It is sad that the athletes have to be surrounded by politics and commericalism. Competition is good; level-ism is not.

I am so glad I was blessed with ability to see through any thing.

And another reason to boycott…
“the BBC’s refusal to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel”