The Olympics

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Just some assorted thoughts…

I saw the basketball team get beat again today. When it was over, the American players left the floor without offering congradulations to any of the Argentina team. How embarrassing, such poor sportsmanship.

I like the coverage much more this year. I've seen parts of a lot of events I haven't seen in years, and not so darn many weepy bios. Show me events.

The big exception to the above came when a lady reporter interviewed the American girls right after the team gymnastics, where we won silver. The reporter asked 3 or 4 questions in a row about NOT winning the gold, until one girl finally blurted out "Hey, we won a silver medal!"

I'd like to see Paul Hamm offer to go with dual gold medals to include the Korean that had his score screwed up by the judges. I'm sick of America looking arrogant and insensitive at these things. Make a gesture Paul, please, you'll still have your medal.

Saw some weight-lifting, awesome display of what the body is capable of. I never really got the weight class because they had it in metric, but the guys looked about 175 lbs. or so. The winning lift in the clean-and-jerk was nearly 400 lbs...

Any event which includes the word "syncronized" should be permanently dropped.

Have you seen any race-walking? Is that the silliest-looking event there is or what? All those contestants in a tight little pack, doing this wierd wiggle as fast as they's hilarious. Somewhere in the back of mind I can hear one of my old teachers..."NO RUNNING! I SAID NO RUNNING!"