On a lighter note, some magic

If you enjoy good magic acts take a look at these three videos.


bad magic

Thanks Barry I hadn’t seen that one. Talk about a bad day at the office.

**Michael, **
**Thanks, I Needed that!:stuck_out_tongue: **
As you know today has been a very BAD DAY at the office for many of us!

Glad you enjoyed!
Watched that game with my dad and bros’, really got a kick when I found it. :cool: One of my fond memories of us laughing our asses off, those days have passed. :frowning:

Really hope your evening goes better

Black Magic

How freakin embarrassing, he’s retired now I hope

The bottom was amazing my wife mae me watch it on tv:roll:

To the Greatest Show in the opinion others


How day do dat?

Things that make you go WOW .

walk thru window