Mr. Wizard Fans

Did’nt see this posted anywhere on the NACHI MB so thought I would post it for fans of Mr. Wizard from the 50’s and 60’s…

http://apnews. article/20070613 /D8PNKVOO0. html](http://apnews. article/20070613 /D8PNKVOO0. html)

*********:frowning: ***

In November of 1959, Mr. Wizard showed that it was science, and not magic, that allowed a magician to yank a tablecloth from beneath a set table without disturbing the dishes.

After watching the episode, studiously, I took my 5-year old self over to the table my mom had just set for Thanksgiving dinner…with the turkey and the fixings…and…CRASH.

My argument that Mr. Wizard showed me how to do that did not work and he cost me one good whooping.

Here is a working LINK

Mr. Wizaed was great, his show had a much better influence on kids at the time than the crap they feed today’s kids on TV.

I’ve always been a More is better kind of guy, my Mr. Wizard disaster involved vinegar, baking soda, a gallon jug, a balloon, and NEW CARPET, my Dad eventually became used to the smell of vinegar, I think my butt quit hurting first though.

Thanks for the Link guys, old memories…I think I will have to order one or two of the Mr Wizard and Mr Wizard’s World CE sets for my Grand Daughters, maybe one for myself.

I used to watch Mr. Wizard when I was little and he did the simple experiments, (vinegar, baking soda = carbon dioxide which puts out candle). Learned a lot then. Then he went off the air for a few years and when I was in college he came back on with a new Mr. Wizard series. I tuned in one day and he was showing Timmy how to load a sample into the scanning electron microscope. What!!! Not your every day kitchen table experiment. Times had changed; but it was still a good show for kids.