TPR pipe

At this house the electric water heater is in a closet in the living room. No catch pan so no drain line. My question is for the TPR. The TPR pipe has two 90 degrees right at the valve. Is this acceptable? I know they usually do anyway (running down the side, then through the wall, etc.), but this close?



2006 IRC P2803.6.1 Requirements for discharge pipe. The discharge piping serving a pressure-relief valve, temperature relief lve or combination valve shall:

  1. Not be directly connected to the drainage system.
  2. Discharge through an air gap located in the same room as the water heater.
  3. Not be smaller than the diameter of the outlet of the valve served and shall discharge full size to the air gap.
  4. Serve a single relief device and shall not connect to piping serving any other relief device or equipment.
  5. Discharge to the floor, to an indirect waste receptor or to the outdoors. Where discharging to the outdoors
    in areas subject to freezing, discharge piping shall be first piped to an indirect waste receptor
    through an air gap located in a conditioned area.
  6. Discharge in a manner that does not cause personal injury or structural damage.
  7. Discharge to a termination point that is readily observable by the building occupants.
  8. Not be trapped.
  9. Be installed to flow by gravity.
  10. Not terminate more than 6 inches (152 mm) above
    the floor or waste receptor.
  11. Not have a threaded connection at the end of the piping.
  12. Not have valves or tee fittings.
  13. Be constructed of those materials listed in Section P2904.5 or materials tested, rated and approved for
    such use in accordance with ASME A112.4.1

I see 3

Are you going to recommend replacement of that really old water heater?

i have written doc from multiple larger mfr tech engineers that state 1-3

  1. first 90 at least 12" away from valve
  2. no more than 4-90s between valve and point of discharge
  3. no more than 30’ drain line overall developed length

some plumbers are increasing drain line size and saying this increase is acceptable for increased length

email their tech engineer, they’ll usually reply within 48hrs or less

also have AHJ approvals that exceed all
i report, they approve, out of my hands…

Yes I did report the age of the unit, manufactured in 83’

Looks like a nice size dent in the unit as well.

btw thanks for posting that Larry… it answered a separate question that I had.

Good info Thanks Larry… Roy