On-line electrical course

I would like to thank GB and all that where involved in creating the online electrical course. I thought it was very well presented and the illistrations & pictures where excellent.

I finished the course but have yet to take the final exam.

I must say there are areas that I need to understand better and would say I know about 80% of the material and the other 20% I need to get it!

I noticed GB was spelling my name Macey but then corrected at the end.

Thank you for all the hard work & I look forward to the next on-line course.


Dave Macey :slight_smile:

Good job mate!!!

Thanks Mate !! :wink:

With all the ESOP BS flying around here, I sometimes loose track of the fact that some of my stuff does some good out in the real world.

I’ll take a look at the Pictures of yours that I used and check the spellings