On Sale: FLIR MR277 Building Inspection System

If anyone has a working copy of Flir Tools or Tools+, Don’t loose it!

I was trying to help Ray Thormon on an IR Job recently and came to find out that ALL IR Software produced by anyone, is a subscription only. I could not collaborate with Ray on the project till both of us had a subscription of someone’s program!

Everything is going to the damn cloud!
My wife had to get a new computer with Windows 10/11. Everything is hooked to the cloud, if you like it or not! I edited the registry and dumped all programs and installed my software.
Microsoft :fu: :cowboy_hat_face: :fu:

Get a copy of Flir QuickReport download and save. May be on DVD that came with the camera.
It is excellent for tuning thermal scans, but the Reporting part sucks if you have many scans. Just use your HI Report Software for reporting.

I use this software to look at every scan I take to adjust, check apparent temperatures and check for hidden exceptions and select the scans I will use in my report.

Report Studio, and Exception Pro are great programs, but the learning curve sucks if your used to using something else. It is also for only good if you do big IR jobs all the time. It handles large batch files with ease and produces a modifiable Report to fit your needs. If you have more than one Thermographer working the same job, they are great for collaboration between inspectors.

Get QuickReport and save it before it’s also gone.
I can also provide a copy of the install file if it disappears.