Report Forms

Hello Fellow IR users-

I’ve had a Flir Bcam SD for a year now and have been using it in my inspections (at no additional cost) with much success. I now feel well prepared for the next step. Moving forward this year I am now charging for the IR service with the inspections. I would also like to start doing stand alone IR inspections, and I’m wondering if anyone can recommend good reporting software and some sort of ‘IR Pre-inspection agreement’ to use. I would be grateful for any help…

I just switched my IR stand alone reporting software from Dual View to HIP(Home Inspector Pro). I recommend you seriously consider HIP. You will find that Dominic, of HIP, to be the best at customer support by far. He is always there to answer and help. Trust me on this one, you wont be disappointed.

Andrew -

Thanks for the great information…Are you also using HIP as your traditional inspection software or just for IR reporting? I’m planning on using the software for stand alone insulation and moisture surveys and then adding flat roofs down the road…

Thanks in advance…

I use HIP for IR and Commercial inspections right now. Im an Inspectvue user for my Residential inspections currently but eventually will migrate over to HIP for that as well.

Andrew -

Thanks for the good info and all your help…I’m going to order the trial copy of HIP.

Hope you have a prosperous '09.

I hope the same for you, Scott. Been good so far.