IR Software - What do you use?

I still use Tools+ from Flir, but as it’s discontinued and they’re pushing this subscription based model, it’s caused me to look around. $149 a year isn’t too bad but at end of day, it’s not something I’ve looked around at too much.

What are you using now and do you recommend?

Fluke SmartView 4.3 revocation. Works great for manufacturer’s rudimentary IR software.
From what I now it does not work with other thermal cameras.

David Valley’s recent thread might help.

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I just saw that Robert… and had talked with Flir, they got me fixed up (I think) for now. I think I’ll just use Tools+ for awhile longer and keep my eyes open. Thanks for the suggestion to take a look at that thread, I’m not the only one.

Tim- do you have Tools+ embedded in MS Word?

I tune scans and write reports in MS Word and never go to Tools+ for anything. You have more tools in MS Word than are available in Tools+ (not talking about Tools Free version).

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BTW: I used to use Home Inspector Pro for my IR Report writing. Tuning scans with Flir QuickReport (which I still use all the time). May not work on new operating systems now. I don’t upgrade software unless I’m forced to. Just made a new HIP template (simple to do) and got what I needed.

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Sort of… Flir’s servers are down, so can’t activate again until later tomorrow. I’m trying to remember if it used to say Tools or Tools+. When I’m able to activate it, I’ll verify it’s updated to Tools+

Are you just using this portion with your own template?

You’ve got me thinking to try to migrate some of my older templates directly into Word going your route… Great suggestion! I hadn’t thought of using the plug in as a standalone means to create a report.

If you paid for it, it’s Tools+.

Yes, I just make a template in Word.
Everything you captured above is used to make a template to you liking and design.

Make three page templates. The first page has your header, client info, scope of inspection etc.
Page 2 is the IR layout; Thermal Image, Digital Image, Tables etc.
Page 3 is Blank except for headers, footers, Page #, Report name. You can later add stuff extra from the Flir Tab as needed.

You know if you click in a scan in Word, a header with all IR controls pop up above the scan? That is where you tune the scan and add stuff to it. There is hidden stuff in there, so if you go this route give me a call and I’ll help you out.


I may just take you up on that, much appreciated!

Morning, David A. Happy to see you still monitor the MB. :grinning:
Often think of you. Truly Hope all is well with you considering. My Prayers are for a speedy recovery God Willing.

As to your post. ‘May not work on new operating systems now.’
Tim S. Call or reach out to Dominic Maricic on HIP or through HIP Facebook to see if HIP template can be modified for side by side IT - Full Visual images. Personally, I do not see why not. HIP is versatile.

Question. Is there no blending with FLIR Tools software?
If not, try posting both images into an empty Word Doc side by side. Using both images, copy and paste using Windows 10 snipping tool and upload the file to you pictures file. That one image can then be uploaded into any home inspection report system with narratives explaining the anomaly.
Just a throught.

Good thought. I Used PhotoScape when I used HIP. Easy stitch, over/under or side/by side. You can take digital with a better camera and stitch it, which is great.

Mose IR cameras don’t make good Digital pics. You can correct exposures, back-lighting etc. It’s a free app I’ve used for years. There are a bunch of markup tools available for anything you want to add to a photo. Works great for attic, basement, crawlspace pics where the flash does not reach out that far in total darkness. If it is underexposed (black) you can pull a lot out of it. Over exposed can not be fixed.

You can do side by side photos, overlay photos, etc in HIP.

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Never heard of that brand. Link please.