On the other hand cameras don't see all

Had two more areas of this home that had past water leaks that the camera slighly indicated a temp difference the moisture meter registered nothing but as viewed by walking the roof had to be leaking just had not had a recent rain

Its only going to show up if its wet. These cameras are great for leading us to areas that may be a problem. But they are by no means an excuse to not complete a normal inspection - especially walking the roof.

It would also not detect a defective breaker (s) overheating unless a load was present…

All those toy/tools have limitations.

I think if you have been following most with Cameras have said it is just one more tool to help find concerns.
Magic no way the IR camera is really a very sensitive thermometer that does not see through walls.
But when you take the course and you start to understand how well it does these things.
Efis as an example nothing else comes close.
Wet walls jump out for you to see the difference.
No insulation in wall or ceiling shows up instantly.
Membrane roofs with a small leak WOW!


That was the point of the pics there is no replacement for the human eye and some common sense. Cameras are a great tool but that is all it is.

How many do not walk the roof have read to many post on the BB about not walking the roof. Trouble Trouble.

Amen, or as we Jews say, Oymen.

The camera is just a tool, nothing more or less.

ALWAYS back it up!

The camera DOES NOT display moisture. It displays differences in temperature. It can be wet, but all the the same temperature, and you won’t see it with the camera (unless there is significant vaporization and latent heat of vaporization).

I have seen many inspectors, around this area (and, thank G-d, not NACHI members) who call out many anomolies as “water damage”, but don’t even have a moisture meter.

Training is imperative! You can never know too much.

Hope this helps;:mrgreen:

Will points out a very important aspect of infrared inspections.

I remember when I was a rookie at this, and pulled my camera out of the package for the first time…I wanted to go out and get some good images for my website.

My wife (broker) had a home on the market at the time and she had me go check out this particular home for flood issues. I showed up and there was water everywhere throughout the basement. I seen that the pipes had bursted which flooded the basement. The water dept. had shut down the water main (the day before) when the neighbor complained that water was pouring out of the garage.

Well, I thought this was a perfect opportunty to get my IR camera and get some great pics. I got my camera, turned it on…and guess what?

I couldn’t see a damn thing with the camera. (Remember…I was new at this IR imaging) Do you know why I couldn’t see IR images?

The house was not heated. The heat had shut down when the gas comany shut the gas supply off. So all the water in this home was the same temperature as the exterior temperature. No temperature differential whatsoever.

So it’s very important to have a temperature difference of at least 10 degrees before you can actually interpret any IR images.