Why would not use thermal imaging?



I have been using thermal imaging for over two years and glad I do. I have found more plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and water intrusion that would not have otherwise been found during an inspection. Of course, it would have been found after the client moved in.

All I want is happy clients and if I miss something like this, then my clients aren’t happy. There is no reason not to spend $2,000 and get a thermal imaging camera.

What did the moisture meter say?

Always back it up with a moisture meter and I carry painters tape to make the spot.

You are a better inspector than I am then.
I would never try to pinpoint moisture intrusion. It is what it is.
If the roofing material is screwed …Then it is.
Todays inspection…No moisture stain on the ceiling. There were other places as well…
And yes! The moisture meter showed it wet.



According to the moisture meter it was wet.

How wet? Was there a duct above the anomaly?

The house was vacant. I ran the water for 30 minutes and there is a bathroom directly above the this spot.

It was wet.


Chris, is this just part of your inspection or a separate added cost? If it is just part of your routine inspections do you do every inch of the house? If not, have you ever missed something that you should have found using IR? If you use IR on just certain spots do you run the risk of “you should have found that” if you don’t do the entire house? Thanks, John

I am very leery of adding IR to inspections.
It can be a very useful tool but should be added to your arsenal only after careful consideration and appropriate training.
I have seen a number of inspectors use it as a toy to show off to clients.

If I added it to inspections it would be as a separate add on only.

I just found a roof leak today that had no visible evidence. The camera is a tool that helps me protect my clients and myself. I am sure the client today would be calling once a stain developed.

I use it with ever inspection.

Just do it! Learn and do it.
You will never regret it.
I do it for no additional fee. …It covers my a*ss CYA!

Yep! Found 2 leaks last week and an hvac vent not installed where a supply duct terminated yesterday.

What I’d be interested in is CYA verbiage in your contract regarding IR testing if you use it as a normal part of your home inspection and not a standalone service.

As someone pointed out earlier, are you going to be scanning every square inch of the home?
If you don’t and some issue becomes evident down the road that could have been detected with IR how do you handle that?

What protocols do you use?

If you do all the course here at NACHI and FLIR you will know the answers…Yep!
I’m tellin’ you the truth! Yep!