Once every 164 yeas.

While some call the end of the earth is 2012 or 2011 because the planets are aligned, they in fact are wrong. The true alignment happens less frequently
This the 164 alignment cycle is a significant to us as humans on this planet.
It is the cycle of progressive change within the world.
With corruption being acknowledge and cast aside for advancement and change for the future.
It has happened before and can be observed looking back in time.
I lost my links and will point to North Africa as to the start of this cycle.
Any information will be helpful.
Thanks… Robert
PS: The human race should be praying for positive change in that region It is the most import area for Muslim’s.
The significances in the roll it will play pertaining to its people, terrorism and zealot fundamentalists and flawed thinking pattens towards the true translation Koran will be seen and heard.
It is the most significant point in time for its people and there region.
As dismantlement of the iron curtain in GERMANY helped put an end to the cold war and Communism, Our Father again points to humanity to look and witness the uprising of a civilization screaming for equality and change.
Keep an open heart and steady vidgual over these people and the regions including Jordan, Jerusalem and Iran.
Your future is in-twined with theirs.