Ondura corrugated roofing

Is there anybody here that can provide some information on these Ondura composite roofing panels. Yeah, I see the manufactures claims to fame but, how is it really holding up? Any insurability issues with it?

It is not something I would put on a roof. I have seen it sold at Lowes and I have examined it on 2 different roofs. Walking on it can cause it to leak, it gets brittle in the Florida sun and in my opinion is a waste of time, effort and money.

I would not use it on a shed


Yes, my opinion also is that it’s not a good choice but, I was looking more for actual expected longevity here in the Florida climate. Also, is there any known decline in insurance coverage due to the product being used, regardless of code compliance or not coverage has been an issue for select products.

It may be covering some original roof that had issues. I looked at a roof this morning that had metal corrugated and underneath from what I could tell was some other roofing material like rolled asphalt.

I used it several years ago on a play house I built for my daughter. It worked great there and held up pretty well. I had the house for about 4 years and gave it to my neighbor for his kids. His kids used it for about 3 years before he got rid of it.

I can’t imagine using it on a home though.