Type of roof material

Hey everyone,

Inspected a home with a rather interesting roof covering material. Im not sure of the exact age but it has to be 20+ years I’m guessing. The Owner says its cement fiber roof panels and its approx 18-20 years old. I’ve also been told these are asbestos composite panels. The house was built in 79 and this product was installed as the second roof covering (I can see the original shingles underneath in some areas). Wasn’t asbestos banned in the late 70’s or 80’s? I would think it unlikely to be asbestos composite panels based on approx when it was installed.

What are your thoughts? Any idea of what this material is and experiences with it?

On the rear there is a heavy build up of lichen on the roof as you can see in one of the photos.

Any info is greatly appreciated as always.


The owner is correct. It was intended to be more durable than fiberglass panels without being as expensive as metal panels, thus making it a viable option for the home, and not just a shed. Don’t remember what the expected lifespan was, but it usually didn’t make it for various reasons, such as the organic growth you are showing.

the lichens are why it’s lasted ;~))
search: ondura

the roof has outlived it’s useful service life…budget for replacement…

That does look exactly like Ondura panels.

I agree it definitely looks like Ondura panels but how long have those been around? The owner was pretty adamant about it being cement fiber composite roofing and I believe Ondura panels are fiberglass/asphalt composite roofing?

The only other time I have seen a similar material was on a mobile home roof installation and the panels were less than 1 year old at that time. I am 100% sure those were Ondura panels but the panels on this house are much older.