Home Depot roof covering

Another 1st for me. Whaduthink?


051611 034.jpg 051611 033.jpg

Other than aesthetics, did you actually observe any defects?

Another cheap fix to a leaky roof. They are all over the place up here since the price of asphalt shingles went up a year or so ago.
Cheap metal roof product that used to be installed on Chicken Barns and utility sheds as far as I am concerned. :):smiley:

No good unless the ridge is completely sealed from driving rain.
Even if the original roof was not removed it will sweat and create a moisture pocket on the underside. Evidence will begin to show as streaks on the fascia board and ventilation will be needed to correct the problem.

I was just driving by and said to myself, “wow…I gotta get a photo”.

Looks like Ondura roofing

Looks like a chicken coop to me.

Green house Filons.


Bobby if you look at the photos in the ondura web site of those lovely homes with that roofing product and system on them, they are from so far away it hides the cheap unprofessional look as compared to a good 20 years composite shingle brings to a home. HA HA HA.
Look it is what it is. Cheap.
The test of time will revile there true flaws.
As someone pointed out, there will be humidity buildup. Installing as maxi vent or any flat plained vent must be difficult and installation on 12/12 with dormers ect, then factor in a good vapor barrier of ice shield for the cold climates, then factor in a price comparison to longevity and esthetics’s, is the cost savings realty worth it? If there is any at all.