One advantage for Thermal

Did a fairly new house, originally built in 2005 and vacant for the last 2 months.

On every inspection, I run all the water (toilets, sinks, basins and tubs) wil cold water for at least one minute so I can check for leaks.

Sure enough, downstairs from one of the 2nd floor bathtubs, I found this.

There was a small, cool spot. I went up to the bathroom and checked the tub and the toilet (both in the same area) and ran the tub hot. I watched as the thermal anomoly went hotter, which proved it was the tub. You can see, from the picture, the original cold spot and the larger, growing, hot spot. Moisture readings were also positive. Great way to verify.

The client was a relo and not at the inspection. He (and, surprisingly, the Buyer’s agent, who was there) was very happy that I had the camera. So am I, because I would never have found this if I hadn’t.

On a side note, the relo company had an inspection done before mine. They are located in Texas, but hired a local architect (who is not a state licensed HI, BTW). This is illegal in Illinois (inspection for a fee, of two or more systems in residential property). I notified the buyer’s agent who will notify the buyers lawyer (otherwise, she would be a party to a felony).

Hope they let the relo company know.



IR Is the only way to go.

This was on my first inspection of the day.

I will not inspect without it.




And just think what would have happened if I didn’t find it.

“Hello, Mr. Decker? You inspected my house about 2 months ago and…”

But, you know the rest. :mrgreen:

Ya add a new kitchen floor, dish washer and all the plumbing.

Im sold. FLIR B2.



Good catch Guys…:slight_smile:

I took my camera out for my first inspection today and used it briefly on attic duct work and on the electrical panel. I have had no training yet so I have a very basic question.

The camera is the Fluke TIR and I am not sure where to stop when focusing. Should I just be looking at clarity of the picture. The right side of the screen that shows low and high temperature also shows the temp of where the camera focuses. That changes by about 6 degrees just by focusing. Any advise?

To focus, I aim at something the the area that has a distinctive delta T (temp difference) and focus to make clear the two areas of temp.

Like a window or a door opening or a hot water pipe or some such.

Just a shamless plug. I also teach for the iNACHI certified course.

Hope this helps. Call me (below, office phone) if you have any more questions.

Gary start useing your camera all the time. It will not do you any good in the box. just don’t say anything to buyers and seller. keep the info to your self. and post things on this site for help. The more you use it the more you will understand it. Take Johns IR CLASS. A.S.A.P. Do on line.



Thanks Ron, that is my plan.

And a very good teacher, I would add.

Next Teleconference class starts Sat morning (June 28-29) which is tomorrow.
See calender for more dates for next month.

John Q. Your on line class tomorrow is or is not a certification class ?



Yes,… the 16 hr teleconference course is the same in every way as the 16 hr onsite course.
Both are good for our infrared certification.

That is a good observation!

This reiterates the importance of proper focusing (on of the most important settings you make on the camera). I don’t think I noticed that much of a change with my BCAM.

Anyway, one of the things I did with my camera was to mark the focus ring for a focus distance of about 12 feet (the distance I am often looking at when in a residential building). When there is no delta T, I know I am in focus at a certain range even when I can’t see anything to focus on.

One method taught to focus when you can see clearly, is to adjust to the temperature (as you have found).

I also adjust the span of the camera to make the hot/cold spot about disappear with the background and focus the object till it is the biggest/sharpest.

Remember, it does not matter what span setting you are on when you snap the pic. It can be adjusted later. Just get the focus right at all cost!