Heat Vents

During a new-construction inspection a few weeks ago I found this “hot spot,” created from the water heater vent traveling up through the second floor.

The heater had only been operating for a few minutes and I suggested that the vent clearances may not have been maintained.

As it turned out (I learned today), the builder opened up this wall to find that the B-vent hadn’t been properly secured in the wall cavity and was in direct contact with the drywall.






Good catch, Jeff.

also look for furnace vents and, I don’t know if you have these in California, steam or hot water pipes for steam or circulating hot water heating systems.

I once found a leaking steam pipe in the wall of an old condo conversion. The whole wall was hot. Old plaster and lathe. I will see if I can find it and post it.

I take all kinds of pictures :mrgreen:



Good catch.

Great catch, glad to hear that the problem was resolved.

Hey Jeff,
I really like the FLIR… Do you charge your clients extra for using it on inspections??? I am assuming that most inspectors will be using them in the future, and the prices are already coming down due to competition.

I think FLIR’s are great screening tools, I am sure there will be some legal issues in the future once more inspectors are using them… Its a fine line between finding concealed defects, and not finding them… And I am sure inspectors will come under scrutiny in the future. Ofcourse we come under scrutiny for visible defects as well.

Please do let me know if you charge extra for a FLIR inspection…

I use it as just another tool. The client isn’t given a choice as to whether or not I use it, so I don’t charge an additional fee for inclusion of thermal imaging.