One of those days

I got up early to go for an inspection in Denver. Went to the gas station gassed up and got a cup of coffee to go. I sat back in my truck and the bottom of the coffee cup fell out OUCH. Went home changed, grabbed my computer and headed to Denver. Half way there i remembered i didnt grab my camera. No probable i always carry extras. I got to the site garbed the back up camera its dead. I grabbed my other back up. That one i dropped off the roof. Went to Best Buy picked up another camera went back and took my pictures. Arrived back at the office went to down load the pictures and the chip was bad. Went back to Denver and got more pictures. Now the customer is happy. :shock::shock:

Wow Henry, too bad you didn’t get your coffee at Mickey D’s. Sorry you had a bad day.

Congratulations Gramps.

sorry Henry…

Sorry to hear that Henry, but it could have been worse. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

I fill a little bit better knowing it’s not just me.
I borrowed an IR camra from a friend in Orlando,
me and my wife went to Vermont to visit her family
and I was to do a prelisting inspection while there.
well I get up to Vermont and guess where the charger
for the camera is, yes thats right, in my office back in
Gainesville, and can you guess the state of the battery
when I go to show off this extra technology, yes thats
right DOA.
Some days are just ment to be spent in bed.:smiley:
Laugh at life and roll with the punches.

But if you spent those days in bed look at all the fun you would miss. :shock::shock:

Go to do an inspection and get caught in a speed trap. The inspection just covers the cost of the ticket and driving school with a little left over for gas, lunch and a new radar detector. Basically a wasted day.

Henry, I just noticed the name of your HI business.
[Double Check Home Inspection LLC](

Maybe you should have. I do it all the time, only don’t have the backup cameras.
Have to go back to house to get it.