A cold day in......

I was out doing insurance inspections today… shoulda stayed in bed. I can normally do about 20-30 a day. These ones pay about 30-40 apiece.

I left my home at 730am for a scenic drive to Aspen and other nearby areas. (2 hrs to Aspen)
!st stop-Gypsum-can’t find house-every other house on the street was addressed with fancy little name signs-but nooo, not the one I am looking for. No contact nbrs. Oh, well gotta come back this way again.
next 3 stops-should be simple-but nooo, big dogs-no parking, couldn’t locate people I need to on job site inspections. Mapping program not mapping. You know, that kind of stuff.
Ok, its noon and I have yet to complete 1 inspection. (driven around for 4 hours)
Oh, next stop-construction site in Aspen-Yea, got one done- oh, hell- $30.00 parking ticket. Lets see $40.00 minus $30.00- does not equal my cost of biz figure.:mad:
Did I mention by this time it has warmed up to 12 degrees outside?
So I busted my #*@# and manage to get a few done.
Last one-almost dark-top of the mountain house with no address posted- Very happy I found it! Lady was very nice-told me to go anywhere I needed on the property.
Taking pictures-step back- need a little more-step back-Bam-into a 2 ft hole in the ground covered by snow-camera flying, clipboard flying, pen and measuring wheel flying. Me-I am pretty much stuck thigh high in this hole-(just one leg, though) I manage to climb out and of course, I am looking around like…who saw that? well, no one did. I gathered up all my stuff and of course, my camera looks like a snow ball and is no longer working.(I hope it drys out ok)
I limped off site and decided to get the hell out of Dodge and go home. (2 hour drive-glad it was my left leg-not the right) So here I sit-at home, pounding down a couple of Bud Lights. Bruised but not beaten!
Hope you enjoy my story
Ps taking tomorrow off,

I can relate…got my first speeding ticket in over 42 years of driving yesterday. Speed trap, speed limit drops down in the middle of nowhere without warning. Cop radar reading is a lot higher than my cruise control or my GPS’s (which matches on the nose). Nice little money maker they have going on this road. Farking Bastages!

I got my first ticket ever after 33 years on the road lastThursday. I was doing 85 in a 60 but the ticket was for no seat belt. Here, they take your license away until you pay the - seat belt ticket. Nice.

yea, Doug, I know what you mean. Those speed traps really suck.
I haven’t got any kind of ticket in over 10 years in my home county. Because I was a firefighter and a 911 dispatcher:) not cause I didn’t deserve any:p
I tend to forget that when in other areas!

Last ticket I got was in 1975, two days after I had returned from a deployment overseas. While I was gone, a 4 way STOP sign had been installed on a corner near my house. I blew thru the intersection at about 11 PM. It was dark as hell, residentual neighborhood streets, I was headed home because I was checking into a new squadron the next morning. Never saw the STOP sign or the cop lurking in the shadows, parked at the curb with his lights off. My old VW had a glass pack on it, probably woke his sorry butt up. Went to court, lost and learned you can’t fight traffic tickets. Best just to pay the fine and go thru the traffic school like a good little trooper.

In Montana today it only was 15 degrees for the high. It was even frosty in the attics. Check out the picture! Yes that is a bucket to catch the water but it is not necessary in the winter because the water never makes there!

It was -12 when I left town this morning at 0730. Yeserday was -22 .Thats what I meant by warmed up at 12 degrees. Anyone need any help in warmer country?:stuck_out_tongue:

Jamie . . . my brother a few years back (during what I thought was a cold spell) said they were having a heat wave . . . it was 55 below the day before, but, today it’s 45 below . . . by the way, hope everything goes better.

You’re a redhead and I’m in Georgia…Come on down!


P.S. Go Bronco’s!! ( Well, maybe next year )

Jamie, I hope you’ll forgive me for…


Okay, sorry, got it out of my system…

So, you okay? :smiley:

Nice picture of frost on the under side of the roof.
Shows what happens when you can’t see this in more habitable climates.

Hi Kevin, I’m packing my stuff now.:slight_smile: Hey, wait didn’t you guys just get some snow and ice down there? Maybe I’ll hold out for Belize.

No comprehendo el broncos. They are completely off my mind, out of my heart. At least till July:cool:

oh, thanks alot, Wendy! Laughing at my pain:shock: Well, thats why I posted it.
But I am fine-just bruised dignity.

I know you’d do the same for me. :wink: LOL! I hope your dignity isn’t too sore.:cool: