One outlet for two bathroom sinks

Interpretation of code
210.52(D) Bathrooms. In dwelling units, at least one receptacle outlet shall be installed in bathrooms within 900 mm (3 ft) of the outside edge of each basin. The receptacle outlet shall be located on a wall or partition that is adjacent to the basin or basin countertop, located on the countertop, or installed on the side or face of the basin cabinet. In no case shall the receptacle be located more than 300 mm (12 in.) below the countertop height. Receptacle outlet assemblies listed for the application shall be permitted to be installed in the countertop.

there is an outlet that is within 3ft of the second sink but is on the other side of the first sink. is one outlet permitted for both sinks?

Not being code inspectors, we could make a recommendation or suggestion for convenience, but I see nothing awry.

My master bathroom has one receptacle for 2 sinks. It just happens to be in the middle.

In the photo the receptacle would need to be between the sinks to be code compliant.

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I have seen them covered by a mirror. Removed the receptacle and cover, cap the wires, and install a mirror. (Put a small mirror in for inspection then install a bigger one after inspections .)

Good to know how the code is interpreted, Robert.


Thanks all.

That sounds real bright, Michael. :roll_eyes:

are you talking about opposite wall or on the side wall of the left sink? Is there a receptacle on the wall next to the left sink?

Simon, one would think that would suffice, reading the 210.52 code…IMHO

But, I didn’t cite codes while working…unlesss there were fisticuffs. :smile:

The intent is to prevent cords from being in or in the sink area. (wet cords!) Think of it (the sink) as a divider of a counter space, similar to a kitchen island.

Perhaps, are you saying the right sink’s edge is >3’ from adjacent wall or that the receptacle cannot cross sinks?

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I read that as OK if the right sink edge is within 3 feet of the left wall outlet.

Dual sinks are a waste! If you’ve been married more than a week you know perfectly well not to occupy the bathroom at the same time as your wife!:grin:

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Ain’t that the truth. Yep!

There are two requirements in that code section, one is the distance requirements and the other is that the receptacle has to be adjacent to the basin. A receptacle installed to the left of the left basin in the photo would not be adjacent to the basin on the right so even if it’s 3’ or less it does not comply.

But it would be adjacent to “The receptacle outlet shall be located on a wall or partition that is adjacent to the basin or basin countertop

I know there is a personal opinion on the matter in the handbook of the NEC that mentions a receptacle between 2 sinks, that’s where many go confused. The handbook’s interpretations is not the code. The code is very clear, the wall or a partition should be adjacent to the basin or! basin’s countertop. If basin’s countertop stops at the edge of second sink, then the code should explicitly state so, it doesn’t AFAIK.

Yes the only outlet is on the wall left of the left sink.

I’m with you the wording stinks.

Okay, and are you saying you measured the distance from this receptacle to the edge of the 2nd (right) sink’s edge and it’s 3 or less feet? (it looks farther away) If so, it’s code compliant as far as 210.52(D) unless AHJ overrules it. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it unless the client has specific needs and or concerns (you can always ask them) Having a receptacle in between 2 sinks would definitely be convenient.

It looks like a tub at the right, that would explain why only one at left. With mirror and granite top it would have been pretty difficult to put one in between the sinks.

It was just poor planning, IMHO. :smile:

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