One outlet with two circuits

Hi all,

I had a guy in who I discovered was NOT an electrician. He rewired my outlets (among other things). My upstairs outlets are wired on circuit 5, until the second to last outlet–and until that outlet they all work. That one does not have the trim on it. It is fed by #5, but then on the other side is fed by #17. #17 feeds an outlet that reads not grounded, and then feeds this one.

What did he do, and what do I do at this point?

Thanks all!

Call a real electrician to sort it out.

Yes this^^ ASAP!!

what they said…

sounds like the outlet is served by two separate circuits, then the potential for 240V is present at that outlet.

Get a qualified electrician.

The fact you don’t know and that I question the aspects of your description…call someone qualified to make judgement would be the best course of action.