NY poised to pass Online CEUs

**S4468-2011: Provides for distance learning for continuing education of home inspectors and hearing aid dispensers **

BILL NUMBER:S4468TITLE OF BILL:An actto amend the real property law and the generalbusiness in relation to the approval of distance learningcourses for continuing educationPURPOSE OF BILL:This proposal would permit on-line and distance learning for homeinspector and hearing aid dispenser continuing education courses.SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS:Section one of the bill would amend Real Property Law §444-f(1) topermit the Secretary of State to approve distance learning coursesfor home inspector continuing education courses.Section two of the bill would amend General Business Law §794(1) topermit the Secretary of State to approve distance learning coursesfor hearing aid dispenser continuing education courses.Section three sets an immediate effective date.EXISTING LAW:Current law does not authorize online, computer-based learning forhome inspectors and hearing aid dispensers.PRIOR LEGISLATIVE HISTORY:This is a new bill.STATEMENT IN SUPPORT:Online and distance learning is currently permitted for continuingeducation in all disciplines regulated by the Department of State,except home inspectors and hearing aid dispensers. Especially inUpstate communities and rural areas, approved providers are limitedand course offerings sparse. The Department has received anecdotalevidence from licensees in these areas who have encountereddifficulties locating courses or had to travel greatdistances to obtain the required education. Distance learning providesa great convenience to all licensees. This method of course deliveryincreases access to approved continuing education courses and allowslicensees to take continuing education according to their ownschedules, thereby reducing the need to take time off from work toattend live courses.BUDGET IMPLICATIONS:None.EFFECTIVE DATE:The bill would become effective immediately.It appears that the NYS DOS has requested this bill, and hoepfully it will pass. Upon passing it will take effect immediately. Hopefully all the NACHI courses will be approved ASAP.

InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

Its about time!

Even if NACHI courses are not approved immediately, seeking approval of courses taken from other states, (that already accept NACHI online courses,) will undoubtedly be the quickest way to get your CEUs. I’ve already gotten my CEUs via NACHI online courses that were approved in TENN. So once they approve online courses, getting the reciprocal credit from another state, (until they approve the NACHI courses for NY,) would be the way to go. I sure hope they (NY LEGISLATURE) get their butts in gear and get this approved before Jan. 1st, it’ll make everything easier for everyone.

Call your representative. I’m glad to see NY is catching up with the times.

Did Internachi have a role in this?

Sort of. A member went to the Attorneys General office, explained that his clients are better served if InterNACHI’s courses counted. They listened… and then the state drafted its own Bill to get NY caught up with the 21st Century with regard to online education. InterNACHI provided the supporting documentation and argument for changing the law.

Then on Tuesday, I snail mailed (by USPS) every NY member a reminder to call their legislator and support this Bill. Those letter should hit this morning. NY members should find their letters from us in their mailboxes today.

Hopefully NYS can act on this bill. NYS passed the HI licensing law in 2005, but only released the SOP and COE last October. We need to let our Senators know that this is important to us.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Even if enacted (or when it is enacted) , it will take a while for the DOS to approve any on-line educators or courses.

At the very least, courses and educators will require IDECC and/or ARELLO affilliation and certification. It will not be enough to be an IDECC certified iinstructor. That is a very basic requirement.

I called the DOS last week. They are doubtful that there will be significant movement for some time.

ARELLO no longer deals with inspection courses (has refused to for several years)… and there is only one state that has ever required IDECC for inspection courses, and they are about to drop that requirement.


NY will either require IDECC or ARELLO. We know this for a fact, as all other on-line offerings that the DOS administrates has this as a requirement. I have already spoken to them about this. The law will siimply permit the courses to be on-line. The DOS will decide on modality, timing, and requirements.

Let’s take it one step at a time. The law needs to get passed first.

ARELLO won’t do it any longer. That’s why ARELLO spun off IDECC as a subsidiary.

For inspections, IDECC relies on an IDEC certified instructor to verify submitted courses. Ben is IDEC certified http://www.nachi.org/ben-gromicko.htm to verify and submit our courses if NY ends up requiring this.

Well, whatever happens, I am sure that Nick will be expedient in getting the NACHI courses approved. This, if it works out, will be one of the topmost reasons why I continue to be a NACHI member.:smiley:


You really needto understand the process. While I agree that getting the instructor certification is the 1st step, there are other factors relating to IDECC and ARELLO that are a bit perturbing. Course submittal fees, for example, at over $400 a pop, with no money going into the State’s coffers is a rub, for me as a NY State taxpayer.

But, the process goes primarily to how the courses are both offered and delivered. Verification of attendees, availability of instructors, and interaction which can be logged throughout the course delivery is the true challenge.

Like I said, let’s get the law passes first, then start discussions with DOS representatives as to what their specific requirements will be.

This is all good, but the discussion is premature.

Been there done that.

Our courses already exceed those requirements. Last year the EPA worked with us to update our entire online education system before they’d approve our http://www.nachi.org/epa-rpp.htm

That’s why you see the odd message board threads in the Education forum, why you can’t skip through certain parts of our courses any longer, why you have to eventually answer all the quiz questions correctly before you can go to the next section, and why we took down the fast forward bar on many of our course videos.


You’re simply not hearing what I am saying. It does not matter what this organization has done to date. New York marches to the beat of its own drummer. You will not be able to convince them of anythiing, not diictate terms to them, nor tell them how great InterNACHI is.

There is a process to follow. That process has yet to be proposed nor approved. THe law has not even passed. All of this has a very long way to go. Even after Real Estate licensing courses were okayed in an on-line venue, it was more than a year before the first one was ready for prime time. They will not approve our courses, instructors, or process ntil they have a plan iin place. They will likely follow the same model as other venues. As to instructors, they will likely need to be NY State HI license holders. I see nothing iin the law which changes the current requirements.

Sit back and take a breath. Let the process play itself out. I speak to the person from the DOS in charge of education all the time. I am always honest with hhim, and he with me. I also have has discussions with the attorney from the DOS regard erroneous information being disseminated by an educator over what the NY State SOP and COE requires and what it does not require.

I have a hook into the process, and am regarded as an honest man and good educator. I knoow how these things work here in NY.

Take a chill pill and let’s see where this goes.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel already.

The NYS DOS hurtles along at the speed of a glacier. I agree Joe. I don’t expect much to happen soon. I hope it does, but will be surprised if it happens within the next year.

I think Joe does too. The point of disagreement, as I understand it, is the length of the tunnel.

It will absolutely happen, eventually.

We need to see how.