Online Christmas Party Guidelines.

Welcome to InterNACHI’s Online Christmas Party… the biggest inspection event of the year in the inspection industry.

  1. If you are an InterNACHI member, you should log into the message board. If you don’t know your member username and password, go here: If you aren’t logged in the delay in going through moderation will likely prevent you from winning anything.

  2. Try to include identifiable information like your city, state/province in your post. InterNACHI has 17,300+ members in North America and more than 100 of them have the last name “Smith.” You should actually have this in your message board signature for SEO purposes. If you don’t, you can add it now by going to the Control Panel of this message board. If you can’t figure out how you can hand-type you city, state/province in each post or start a new thread asking fellow members to explain how to edit your message board signature.

  3. The party will start in the Special Deal Forum:

  4. If you already own the gift that is being offered or won it last year, don’t take it. Allow someone else to win it. You can also post the word “Pass” and we’ll ship it to the next person who posts.

  5. If you don’t want or need the gift that is being offered, don’t take it. Allow someone else to win it. You can also post the word “Pass” and we’ll ship it to the next person who posts.

  6. Canadians can’t win certain infrared products due to laws restricting the shipment of such items to Canada.

  7. Some gifts are for certain members only. For example, “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee rack cards are only for participating members of . And Certified Master Inspector products are only for Certified Master Inspectors. Etc.

  8. Unless you tell us otherwise by emailing, we are shipping to the address you have in your member profile. This is a good time to make sure it is accurate by going to:

  9. A few gifts, not very many, are being offered by industry vendors. The winner will have to contact those vendors to claim their prize.

  10. We expect to pack and ship four truckloads of gifts next week. To save money we will pick the least expensive shipping option and so mot gifts will arrive after Christmas. Gifts shipped to Canada will arrive after the New Year.

Merry Christmas.

Thanks Nick & merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. I feel proud to be involved with such a great group of people.

Good Morning and Merry Christmas

Merry X-Mas Nick.

Thank you Nick

Thank you Nick

Thank you Nick and staff. Always exceeding my expectations.

Merry Christmas!

Thank You Nick and InterNACHI!

Thanks Nick!

Thanks Nick! Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Nick

Let the reindeer games begin!

Thanks Nick and Merry Christmas!

Thanks Nick and staff…Merry Christmas!

Thank you Nick
Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Xmas Nick!

Thank you Nick and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Nick, you work so hard for us behind the scenes it’s amazing. Nice to have something this fun and public as well.