Online Review

I’m not trying to be braggy or anything, but this was one of the best online reviews that I have ever had.

“Outstanding! Ian Robertson performed a full home inspection plus a radon test in Wilton, NY for me and my wife, the buyers. Ian arrived a half hour early and had already had been on the roof to inspect it and was inspecting the perimeter when we showed up. Nicest person you ever want to meet. Personable, intelligent, and down to earth. Walked us through every corner of the house and gave us loads of advice on simple fixes that can be done as weekend projects. He kept asking if we had any questions and was happy when we did ask. The report was amazingly thorough and my real estate agent was very impressed. He really makes what can be a scary and stressful process fun and enjoyable. We felt empowered afterwards, like, ok… we really got to know this home (good and bad) and what things we need to tend to first and what we don’t have to worry about.
It’s very clear that Ian loves what he does and Spec-Pro is a top notch company. They have a super reputation and rightfully so. My agent was forwarding an email to me regarding when the bank appraisal would be done and I noticed further down in the email chain where she wrote, “the inspection was extremely thorough, this was my first encounter with Spec-Pro (Ian) and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a home inspector.” That was nice to see and I hope more people get to work with Ian. Highly, highly recommended.”

I guess that early on the roof thing really works. :slight_smile:

very nice

Ian, you know we’re not suppose to inspect for family members. Hope you gave you’re dad a discount.:D;-)


No family here Dave, just a super happy client

Thanks Nick. I keep a record of over 100 positive online reviews and letters of reference from various resources. I like happy clients :slight_smile:

If they are somewhere online where you would like your fellow members to “like” the posts or whatever, just give us instructions.

Will do, thanks!

Great job Ian. Keep up the great work…