Response from a Client upon receipt of his electronic report

Now this is what I like to hear.

Nice job!

Naturally of Course.

Great job , But who would of thought any different from you .

Hey Marcel, ask them to put that on a Google review for you!

Sorry, not very literate with those things.
Ironically, that client just called me and wants me to go back after my suggested De-winterizing so I could check out the plumbing, before escrow. I told him no problem, I could do it Sunday. :slight_smile:

Marcel, if you need a bit of help with the Google review stuff I’d be happy to assist. You’ve always been willing to help me and many others!

I hope that’s not your first Marcel…ha ha.

Not too many write reviews back Bob, I just get referrals mostly.
Every now and then, some will respond expressing their satisfaction. Just makes one feel good.

Yes it does good job, and not surprising with the way you help here on the MB.:smiley:

Thanks Kenneth, that is always good to here.

Yep know what you mean. Some Mortgage guy is begging me to do his clients inspections this weekend or Monday and he refuses to use anyone else as I consider the last minute Vegas convention.
Feels good to be loved.

Love is a good thing Bob. LOL:)

From yesterday’s:

[FONT=Times New Roman]“Marcel… just want to thank you for your very thorough inspection today and compliment you on the quality of the written report. We were impressed by how organized and professional the process was and by how we were engaged as prospective purchasers. We consider this money well spent to secure the peace of mind that comes from a solid appreciation of current state and futures we might consider for future improvement. You have happy satisfied customers! D&E Wallwork.”[/FONT]

Good job MC!!

Your clients should expect nothing less from your work…

Although we don’t get those at every inspection, it does give a good rush when we do get them, don’t it?


Thanks Dave and I think that Dominic deserves a good hand also for making the software and website that clients like to see. HIP is a good thing to have.
I just fill in the blanks. LOL

For sure! Top notch! :slight_smile:

I keep saying it is the most attractive report .

very nice