Special Thanks to Dale Duffy!


You are the man brother!! My brother-in-law called me today and praised the realtor that you recommended. He is (according to my brother-in-law) very professional and a nice guy! He has helped bring us that much closer to making a purchase in Arizona.

BTW Do you know of a good inspector in Arizona?:shock:

I heard Dale’s buddy Brian is pretty good but can’t do tight spaces.:p:p:p

I think he may know 1 or 2 Mario, but I hear they are pretty busy, might take some extra $$ to squeeze you in.:shock:

I better look for a lowballer I guess!!:shock:

I hate you Linas. :D:D:D:D

Now that is funny Mario, thanks for the laugh.

Why would anyone want to move to Arizona?

Just asking.

Kind of slow here with inspections Will. I was told that Dale and Brian do very well with inspections in Arizona!:smiley:

Just saying


Thank You Very Much for your kind words, and the help-information you have given me regarding Thermal Imaging … !

You’re a good man, and also appreciate your help as well…!


Beyond very well, seven days a week, half the time I cannot even remember what day of the week it is----:smiley:

Folks from all over the country and Canada are buying some nice, and some not so nice (needing work done) Bank Owned Homes at incredible prices.

Absolutely no idea Will.:wink:


Is there any fish in dat der pond? :stuck_out_tongue:

Duff & Bri-
Cream of the AZ crop!

2 of our greatest guys

forgot Cheryl. And she has CCW . . .

whats ccw?

Carrying Concealed Weapon

Forgot another one of the Good Guys!
(see what happens when you’re not a rabble-rouser, Mark?!)

got it thanks