Online Vs. Offline


I was wondering if the anyone uses an Online Report Editing Software rather then a desktop application?


Hello Vincent. I used Report Host for awhile back when I first started and it worked out very well. You may want to give it a look. The advantage to that is if you are a newer inspector and haven’t decided or wish to take your time while you make your decision, you can do your reports online. Unless you actually prefer it after trying and wish to continue. It’s basically a pay as you go product. they offer you a discount as a nachi member from what I remember. Good luck.


I used Reporthost prior to HIP and found it to be a very good product. I continue to use Reporthost as a BACKUP to HIP. Anyone that has had a fatal computer crash while needing to prepare a report will confirm it is not a fun time! With Reporthost, I can go to any computer with internet access (local public library if need be) and prepare and send my report! No stress!!! You should always have a contingency plan for when ‘chit’ happens!

Yes, I remember they came out with a tablet option at that time and worked perfectly. It is a good product. And you make a very valid point about keeping it as a backup. I still am able to log in and view my earlier reports and the original templates I customized.


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Copy HIP to a flash drive! Then you can run in on any computer you want :smiley:

Inspection Report Creator ( is another online/web based report software.

Dom, if you do this, don’t you still have the issue where the files on whichever two computers you use need to be synced? Or is the cloud able to do this?


I was just talking about for a backup. If you don’t want to every worry about keeping things sync’d just install HIP to the dropbox folder and put dropbox on all your computers. One of the unique things about HIP is that it doesn’t write anything to the Windows registry so you can move it wherever you want.

You could start an inspection on a Windows Slate, and finish it up on your Mac without a problem.

This just saved my Slate 2. I was about to go back to pen and paper. lol

If you use HomeGauge 5, everything is backed up online:

In HG 5 using the HG Services you can backup your software settings (templates, user data, logos, etc.) directly to the cloud with one click (periodically you get a pop-up reminding you to backup your software when closing program). This feature makes it easy to restore your HG software on a new computer when your computer crashes or you purchase a new computer. If your computer or backups crash, with HG Services can you give you back everything. You don’t lose anything (all your reports, buyers’ contact info, agents’ contact info, and your template(s), including your comment library).

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Yes… but… you cannot write a report at 8:00pm on a Saturday night with Homegauge from the cloud. Just ask any of the many inspectors on this MB that are asking for help because they can’t can’t get support from HG and the report is due in the morning. With Reporthost… and now with the info Dom provided for HIP… there are no worries. The report gets done, the client is happy, and the inspector has NO STRESS!

Thanks for the info Dom!

Sure you can. If you have a computer to access Reporthost, then you have a computer that you can pull your HG program from the cloud. No support needed, the report gets done, the client is happy, and the inspector has no stress. :cool:

Ever try doing that at a public library? Many don’t allow downloading. Reporthost stays online. NO DOWNLOADING!

Thanks for the comments all. Dom, regarding installing HIP to the drop box, if I already have it installed on a pc and want to do what you’re suggesting, do I uninstall it from the pc? Wouldn’t I lose what ever information is already there? Or do I install it to drop box and after that, uninstall it from the pc? Of course this is assuming I even know about drop box and how to much less install a program to it! I’ll start reading about it shortly. Again thanks for the valuable information.


Okay so, I went on dropbox. I’ve synced my tablet photos with it. Where on dropbox does it say or explain how to install a complete program on it? How do I get HIP there or is it only a particular “folder” I’m supposed to sync with?



I have my template and doc files on dropbox.You transfer the files from your C drive.

If you know how to use Dropbox to copy and transfer pictures you can do the same with Hip files.
It is done from C files and all HIP users should know how to get to the c files.

You can keep any templates or docs stored there if you wish.

Bert, just drag the Home Inspector Pro folder from Program Files to your drop box. Then delete the shortcut on your desktop to the program. Go to the new location in your dropbox, right click on the Home Inspector Pro icon (green guy) and click Send To->Desktop As Shortcut to create a new shortcut for yourself.

Thanks Dom. You mean the entire program or just the folder with the data and templates and customer reports?.