Report host

What are your feelings on reporthost. Ive tried most of the software and I think I like it the best

Isn’t that really all that matters?

In my trials I found Homegauge and Home Inspector Pro as my top favorites.

I liked that they felt easy to use.
I could purchase the software and not have to pay additional fees per report.

I used Reporthost for years before switching to HIP. I still use RH as my backup system. Came in very handy when my laptop bit the dust… lost my library, everything. As it is web-based, I was able to immediately switch computers and went to RH and got my report completed. They provide a good quality report. I can customize a report much faster on RH, primarily on commercial. RH and HIP both have a place in my business for different reasons.

I’ve been using it since 2006 for my English language (I also offer reports in French) reports and am very pleased with it.


Which software do you use for your French reports?
Why not use RH and just translate all your narratives?