Only Cribstone Bridge in the World here in Maine

Couple of weekends ago, we went for a ride on the coast of Harpswell and Bailey’s Island and was amazed to see this crib bridge built solely of granite blocks.
I took a few pictures and what struck me funny is that there are still wood wedges from setting the stones. But wait, this Bridge was built in 1926, so how could wood wedges have endured all this time?

And we get nervous when we see a wedge under a crawlspace pier?:p;)

You can view more pics here on this link.

If any come to Maine, be sure to visit the area and enjoy some good sea food at the same time.

Made for a good day trim and educational at the same time.

Amazing civil engineering. :slight_smile:

Pretty cool to see something so old still doing it’s job so well.

Thanks for sharing, i’ve never seen that before.

I like it.

Wife and I have been to Maine a couple of times. I’ve been there other times when I was working for a steeplejack crew. We removed pigeon **** and steam cleaned churches and banks in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Paul, somehow I have a hard time seeing you as a pigeon **** cleaner. Hope it paid well and the pigeons didn’t **** on you. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

I think he dole’s out some of it to. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Very cool pics by the way. Thanks for sharing those

great thanks for the post… Roy

Very cool, not to mention an engineering marvel.

Say’s something for old growth wood.

Old is good. :smiley:

Paid $3.00 an hour, was the only job I could find at 19.
On the plus side I learned how to set up swing scaffold.

Very cool I always liked all the old covered bridges too.

So are the stones dry set? No mortar? No pins?

All dry set Nick, just gravity.

I like the way you think (sometimes):stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pic Marcel