Tip of the iceberg...

1950 house, original CMU foundation with 1970ish poured concrete addition, currently being flipped by REA.

Any comments?

Yeah! That avocado green cabinet has got to go !!! :mrgreen:

Now that is a beauty, just don’t refer that builder to any in Maine. :):wink:

currently being flipped by REA. :wink:

Why Marcel?
All I see is either a header or beam covered by plywood and with the angle of the camera it is hard to tell if the wall is crooked or not.
Foundation is mentioned but I do not see the foundation.

I see it and also the concrete beam and not sure if the wood beam is holding it up. :):wink:

I was trying to decide if that was a concrete beam or torn up Sheetrock.

Too much covered to tell what is going on other than I am looking towards an older garage door and wondering if this place is on a hill.

What ever it is, I wouldn’t buy it. :mrgreen:

Now Now everything is price to make it right plus sale price = value

I was just thinking how many hours it would take me to make that place worth something. :mrgreen:

Idon’t know what the span is , but that cut in the basement wall is going to be i jepardy with that skinny little header . There is probable no or very little rebar in whats left of the concrete wall . And of corse this was anexterior wall , now that header has to hold up the concrete and the load bearing wall . Should have bean engineered !:D:D:D

Same house, as I said “tip of the iceberg”!

We don’t need no stinking i beams.

Well, I agree with Bob Elliott ideas.