Only High Efficincy Furnaces

As per 2006 OBC Natural gas and propane warm air furnaces are required to have a minimum AFUE of 90%. This requirement does not apply to boilers or water heaters used in combination potable water heating systems(“Combo”) systems.
Oil fired warm air furnaces do not have a minimum efficiency published, but they may change because Table has a “place holder” for minimum oil fired furnace efficiency.
There is a Canada wide initiative by Natural Resources Canada to increase the minimum performance level to 90% AFUE effective on December 31, 2009. All gas-fired furnaces that have their manufacturing process completed on or after the specified date, and that are subject to the regulation, will be required to meet the stated efficiency level. Natural Resources Canada is proposing that the mandatory reporting of the furnace blower electrical consumption come into effect at the same time.
Nalliah Thayabharan
Expert Building Inspections Ltd
Markham ON

This is likely to keep the furnace repair guys happy! :mrgreen:

The government should also make the manufacturers increase the life expectancy of condensing furnaces. As it stands the life of condensing furnaces is between 12 and 15 years. This, along with the increased cost of the furnace, does little to help in energy conservation. At present I believe the rating of 85% efficient is not considered high or it may be any thing up to 85%. I will take a non condensing furnace that will last me 20 to 25 years and forgo the additional 5 or 10% that I will get with a condensing furnace. The thought of installing a high efficiency furnace in an older home that is not adequately sealed up is a waste of money. In a new home, with all the new technology to seal the home, the installation of a Heat Recovery Ventalator is almost a must.

Is anyone familiar with Ammana’s lifetime heat exchanger warranty?
“The stainless steel heat exchanger and recuperative coil come with a lifetime limited replacement warranty. If either heat exchanger or recuperative coil should ever fail, the original owner will receive a new furnace.”*

The life time, I noticed on the site, is not stated. So, the life of the furnace is???>

I found the brochure from Ammana here:

Lifetime Unit Replacement
Limited Warranty
We’re so confident in the lasting power of your Amana®
brand 95% AFUE Two-Stage (Convertible) Furnace that
we protect it with the best warranty in the industry, a
Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty. If the heat
exchanger on this unit fails on the original, registered owner,
parts are covered by a 5-Year Limited Warranty.
For added security, consider Amana AsureSM Extended
Service Protection, which provides extended parts and labor
coverage for your entire heating and cooling system.

This is a great selling gimmick .
The average person in my area only lives in the home for 8 years so this is no good .
The other is for the original purchaser .
So to me it is not much value .

Roy Cooke

Roy, how many “lifetime warrantys” are transferable?

Of course there is some limitation! There not going to warranty it for your kid’s kids should they end up in the same house.

People have gotten too used to paying cheap prices.
Guess what. The quality of the product often suffers.
It’s the same argument we use to convince our customers to buy our product.:slight_smile:

I feel A transferable warantee for 15 years is much more valuable .
Roy Cooke

As do I. That will happen when people are willing to pay for it.

I have a used, but in excelent shape a 125,000 btu mid-eff Heil unit for sale.

Paul, if you’re serious, phone me please or email me.