Information on Oil furnaces

Great info on oil furnaces … Roy

Roy do you any Riello Burners?
I was one of the first to install them in my area . Thought they where great burners .

Great info Roy! thx

Yes see the very often Oil is not used as much in this area any more Gas is a lot more common … Thanks for asking

Glad to help… Roy

Glad to help… Roy

Thanks Roy.

Thanks Roy, great article.
We in Nova Scotia are tied to our oil furnaces due to the lack of natural gas infrastructure (the only other options are electric or propane). Being from Ontario originally I find that the current technology is outdated, noisy and produces higher carbon emissions than should be acceptable. This aside from the fact that you are at the mercy of the oil delivery driver that likes to see your tank almost bone dry before he will take the time to fill it.
I see in the article that they mention 95 AFUE condensing oil furnaces. I have never came across one and was wondering if anyone else had? Even a search on Google did not bring up any results.
The most comical part of this is that Nova Scotia is one of the largest producers of natural gas in the country.
Any further info on 95 AFUE furnaces would be appreciated.

See here…designed in Truro, manufactured in Parrsboro:

It is sad…that the bulk of our gas goes to the northeast US!! Get the $$$$ first, worry about when it runs out then…and our gas fields and NS’s royalties are decreasing fairly quickly!!

Thanks Brian,
I should have looked for the east coast for this, unfortunately a google search went no where. I still am not a fan of oil, but it looks like I have found my next furnace.