Ontario Gas Piping Question

In Ontario, can CSST with the yellow jacket be used outdoors?

Photo here.

Not only outdoors… but BURIED??? (Or is it running through conduit)? Is this the service line from the street? Where is your meter (if you guys use them)?

The painted hard piping taps off the main line in the basement. The CSST runs, in conduit, under the patio to a patio heater.

John when I get in the office I will post the PDF for csst.

OK thanks.

Does that PDF for CSST conform to CA installation standards? Look carefully, it may not. I run into that sometimes with manuals printed in CA and issued in the US… non-conforming.

John this is the best I can do.
I would give the whole thing however I can’t

Here’s the full pdf… http://www.nhboa.net/pdf_documents/Gastite_Installation_Instructions.pdf

Looks like it’s OK outdoors. Thanks.

“Gastite® Flexible Gas Piping has passed all requirements of ANSI LC1, which include testing for suitability for exposure of
CSST piping systems to outdoor environments.
a) Outdoors – When installed outdoors, the external jacketing shall remain intact as much as practical for the given installation.
Any portions of the exposed stainless steel tubing shall be wrapped with tape or sleeved to prevent later threats
by acid or chloride based cleaning solutions for masonry. Self-bonding silicone tape is recommended here for durability.
b) Along side a structure – When installed along the outside of a structure (between the ground and a height of 6 ft.) in
an exposed condition, the CSST shall be protected from mechanical damage inside a conduit or chase. A conduit or
chase is not required if the tubing is installed in a location that will not subject the CSST to mechanical damage.”

Thanks Jeffrey I could not find that one. However it is slightly different.

Not a problem. I find that on some materials, whenever you Google information, specifying CA or Canada can you get slightly different results. The one I posted specified meets Canada requirements.