Type of CSST gas line?

I encountered the gas piping shown in the pic on an inspection, and could not find or decipher the manufacturer. Some of the line was run on the outside of the house with improper, rusting clamps. Some gas piping of this nature was the subject of a recent class-action settlement. I’m seeking answers to the following questions:

  1. Is this one of the types involved in the settlemet?

  2. Is this piping suitable for outdoor runs?

At this point I’m mentioning the class action suit and recommending the piping be properly bonded (which corrects the fire hazard the suit was about). Should I also recommend replacement with a rigid galvanized line for the outdoor run?

Frank, CSST is approved for exterior use but must be protected by conduit if located in an area that would subject it to damage. Here’s a CSST Installation Guide that describes that in more detail in section 4.3.6 on pg 51.


Part of what I say is, “We may not attempt to identify the type of CSST present and more than one brand may be involved.”

Thanks. I appreciate the installation info download, and will pass it on to my client.

appears to be Trac Pipe by omegaflex