My Letter to Aimee @ the Ministry

***Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Attention: Aimee Skelton
Sr. Policy Advisor
Ministry of Consumer Services

Ms. Skelton:

It was thoughtful of the Ministry to provide this convenient avenue for correspondence with regards to the government’s agenda to license home inspectors in the province of Ontario.

I was impressed with the inclusion of Mr. Mike Holmes in this process! Wow a true to life Canadian TV star!

Possibly Deb Mathews and the Ministry of Health will follow suit and consult with Dr. Phil to clean up the scandals with the Ontario Health Care System?

Now that I have your attention ( or possibly I have lost it completely ) I have a few further inquiries to make of your office and bureaucratic incompetence.

Why was the Prism consultation undertaken? I took part in this so called preliminary inquiry and although at my age I should be immune to government waste my amazement knows no bounds.

The questions to all participants were a canned attempt to obtain information with regards to the multiple associations and their individual views as to licensing. The only thing learned in this bungled interview was the fact that one or two associations favoured licensing!

Was it noted that the controlling principles of those associations were course providers? Of course not! The interviewer did not go into that depth!

As Kevin O’Leary says: “Show me the money!”

Be that as it may, the bottom line is the fact the only people who have an agenda to license home inspectors are, the star of a TV show, the teachers of course material and the providers of inspector course materials.

Oh, and let’s not forget the provincial government who is always looking for another source of revenue.

There is no proven fact that home inspectors should be licensed! The Better Business Bureau and this Ministry have concurred that the complaints against home inspectors are minimal at best.

Let’s take a look at the roofing industry. Anyone can purchase a hammer and install shingles. No building permit required! No minimum training required! No inspections required! Hell they don’t require insurance!

But as a home inspector, we will be required to carry Errors & Omissions Insurance. Now the insurance industry definitely favours licensing as they stand to make millions. “Show me the money!”

Is it the intention to protect the consumer? Nonsense! The consumers of this Province need protection from the Provincial Government!

Possibly you could help protect the consumer by getting to the bottom of the Ornge scandal, the Gas Plant Scandal, or maybe the E – Health scandal!

How about the tax on our electric bills? You know, the one that tells us we are paying off the debt of Ontario Hydro? Oh, yes, the one that was paid in full a couple of years ago! Maybe auto emissions and what is next, mandatory snow tires like Quebec?

Now, should you really desire to protect the consumer how about a police inquiry with teeth in it? Let’s lay some charges and put a bunch of Liberal clowns in jail for fleecing the public of the Province of Ontario.

Maybe, just maybe, there will be an election before the end of the year and this incompetent bunch of crooks will be replaced with an honest form of government. Hopefully this will include some senior bureaucrats!

Bottom line is that I am 73 years of age, a retired homebuilder who started his career with Central Mortgage and Housing. I have been in the real estate and construction industry for over 45 years and when licensing comes into effect, I will be out of here!

Should this letter still be in your hands, I thank you for reading, but I seriously doubt comprehending.

Bryce Jeffrey
Home Inspector with an FFYE
(forty-five years experience)

Fantastic thanks for posting this so all can see … Roy

Very good Bryce! Lay it on the line because I sure am not holding back anymore either.

Ruddolf, sorry I meant Bryce,

Can you tell us exactly how you feel?


Bryce your statements have been echoed by other inspectors but inside sources say they have not received many letters or emails…even the MPP’s haven’t even to bother acknowledging letters that were written.

But Mike Holmes knows everything doesn’t he?

Its regrettable but I find many service oriented businesses are tardy when it comes to replying to emails. At the very least a business or government entity should send out an email stating that an email was received and will be replied to within so many days.

Personally speaking I sent my concerns to MCS and rec’d no reply. Not one to be brushed aside I persisted and increased the number of contacts on my second email asking why my first was not answered.

Finally I got an answer.

If you are not getting replies I suggest adding more contact names to the secondary email. Including the Minister of MCS, the deputy minister, Mr. Brezer, your local MP, even contacts at the Toronto Star, Globe, …

The governments feet need to be held to the fire with regards to who ends up on the panel of industry representatives.

Here is the reply I got.

Along with -

Marcel, I apologize for my subtlety. In future correspondence I will attempt to be more forthright and get to the point in a more timely fashion!

Scott, As of this moment the letter is being forwarded to every Progressive Conservative member of the Provincial Parliament.

So for the hundreds on non-affiliated Home Inspectors being left in the dark about all of this, how will their voices be heard?

It is self induced if they do not come to the NACHI site to read what you and others post.
Many post’s are on the open NACHI forum .
I do know many belong to NACHI who never post ,some are long time OAHI members .
,Unfortunately they can read what is here but we have no idea what is said by the OAHI/CAHPI/PHPIC sad they do not share their ideas with others .
We at NACHI at least are showing the world what we have and do .
We will never have to say we did not try .
It has been this way for about ten years Looks to me like Many are extremely jealous of NACHI. to bad so sad ,We all can loose from not supporting each other.


No need to apologize for your subtlety, I was simply being sardonic.

That was an excellent reply!

Hello Stephan I compiled the best to talk to the Watch Dog and they are intent to do this.
Since this has been such a heated debate as to who should be at the table they will remain nameless. What I find shameful is how many tried to jump in at the last minute and this also has been discussed with the group.
Biggest thing Consumer Services will struggle with is who really does not have a vested interest in Licensing and is at the table for Home Inspectors, Home Owners, Purchasers and of course the public.
Maybe they should pull out the old lie detector!!!:mrgreen:

I think good old fashioned "common sense" would be easier!

I think all inspectors should be concerned given that P2P was at the table. This has got to be one of the worst inspection companies for complaints.

However P2P never let a conflict of interest stand in the way of nurturing business. Not to mention the other eager participants. Its the equivalent of insider trading.

Having any home inspection course provider or franchise at the table should never have happened.

Home Inspection Companies that attended the Stakeholders meeting.
:black_small_square: Carson Dunlop
:black_small_square: Pillar to Post Home Inspections
:black_small_square: Mike Holmes Inspections
:black_small_square: The Home Inspection Network

Whose in control of your future?

“Common sense” and “government”?

Grammatically that is known as an “oxymoron”!

This is the complete list of all members of the Ontario Provincial Legislature. I have sent my letter to everyone of them! Why don’t you?

There are five by elections on August 5. Let them all know how you feel. These emails are the Provincial office and the constituency office for each member.

You can copy this list in its entirety and then paste it in BCC.

We done Bryce this makes it easy to send to our MPPs thanks … Roy

It’s precisely those Inspectors that the Government is most worried. We estimate around 50-60% of all inspectors in Ontario to not be affiliated with ANY association, and therefore, one would presume, not accountable to a Standard of Practice or Code of Ethics.

I disagree. Ensuring that standards are aligned is going to require the input of Education providers. Franchisers has their own Standards of Practice and as Stakeholders they should be included.

Having individual inspection companies, sole providers or Franchisers alike sit on the panel that helps make the decision, is a different matter entirely.

As for educators InterNACHI and OntarioACHI are both education providers, so does this mean, in your opinion, we shouldn’t be there either?

That leaves just OAHI and PHPIC. Who do you want to be in control?