Ontario Licensing, ASHI's prospective

Licensing home inspectors in Ontario; the final leg.
For the past three weeks this column has covered how the Home Inspection business in Canada has evolved, from its infancy in the early 80’s to today. I briefly detailed how the seven “associations” in Ontario evolved, all with their own in-house “certifications” and standards. Further detail was included on the CMHC program, which, had it been adopted by these associations, would have brought a level of home inspection that is missing today. Some parts are present, though and the NHICC program is the revival of this program. It does not, however, mandate proper insurances. In fact, none of these groups require it, nor is there consistency in the actual inspection methods.

Personally I deplore how some assumes this industry should be cited by others. You can only work for one boss.

As well, the NHICC, with all it’s good points, has much to account for in misdirecting what should have been about the Ontario home inspection industry, and not about their singular idea, The National Standard.

Enjoy the article by Cam Allen. X InterNACHI member.