HI Licencing in Ontario

It has been brought to my attention by a number of sources that OAHI has retained Mr. Aubrey LeBlanc as General Manager formerly of Ont. New Home Warranty Program to lobby the Provincial Government of Ontario and Minister responsible for licencing of all home inspectors.

I don’t think I need to remind everyone in Ontario that this should not become another National Certification boon doggle and that we should be prepared to add our voices in the process, lest we Nachi be left out of the equation.

Gee it would be so great If OAHI would try and get their own house in order before trying to do other things . Thanks for the info but to me this is the blind trying to lead .
At the pro_Lab meeting I was surprised at how Many Oahi members there where there .
Listening to them talk with out exception to those I talked to they are very disaponted with OAHI and wonder why they are getting very little information.
They have no idea what is going on and new nothing of the OAHI finiances .

Roy Cooke

Are you saying Aubrey Le Blanc is an employee of OAHI?

I just got phone call on this and it sounds like more hard feeling between OAHI& CAHPI then I previous thought .
This could be the best thing for the inspection industry in Canada.
This could destroy exactly what the secret society is trying to get away with .
If Full licensing come about then Grandfathering must come about .
My main fear is that some how this could be tied in with the realestate and the Builders .
If this was to happen then it could be a bigger fiasco .
I wonder where the OAHI got the power to pay for some thing like this with out telling the membership .
More things happening that the members know little about .

I am so glad I belong to NACHI and love the way it is run .
I was surprised how many OAHI Members where at the
Two mould meetings in Toronto over the week end .
I expect NACHI will get many of them as members .

Roy Cooke …Royshomeinspection.com

I was told he was hired. So I would think that would mean employee or retained as a manager/lobbyist.

I think this is great if OAHI is lobbying for licencing. I have been calling for licencing for sometime. I believe if licencing did happen everyone who is practicing would be included under a grandfather clause.

Ray and Roy

I’m confused on this topic I have developed an opinion but I sometimes think I’m wrong.

My opinion is that it could potentially be a good thing [license] I look at plumbers,mechanics,etc. and it works for them why not us?On the other hand how many trades practice without a license.

I would like to know what the Canadian experts think about this topic!

Thanks guys


You raise a valid point. If licencing were enacted in Ontario CAHPI would be redundant, ditto National Certification.


Licencing is an opportune time to ensure that we as home inspectors protect our interests such as trying to have the government cap out liability, appoint an overseeing council made up of home inspectors and lay people. I think it will hopefully do away with all these home inspector mills that have popped up, and after a certain cut off date only colleges can train home inspectors.

Licencing if it happens will not happen over nite. I think we all need to ensure we are not left out of the loop like Nachi was with CAHPI.


Is Mr. LeBlanc lobbying for his employer or is he lobbying for HI licencing?


My best guess is he is doing both. He was hired as a General Manager and his main mandate is to lobby the minister responsible for licencing, for “all” home inspectors.


In many States one of the criteria for a licence is being a member of either ASHI or NACHI. It could very well be ASHI or OAHI in Ontario if NACHI doesn’t have a voice.


That is my point. OAHI could very well say to the government they have been self regulating for over 10 years, They have Pr 158, they have by-laws, they have the infrastructure, the history, the knowledge and the SOP and COE in place, the government could use that as the cornerstone of the legislation in my opinion. However I don’t think licencing would preclude anyone not already a member of a home inspection association, but I think we need to be vigilant that the government doesn’t solely listen to only OAHI, after all they are not obligated to represent non members of OAHI either in my opinion.

Instead of just being vigilant, why doesn’t Nachi do something about it and have someone lobby the government, It might be time we move in the driver seat.

Michael I would have to think you are reasonably new to the home Inspection Industry . OAHI is as we say ASHI north .
They have been associated with ASHI since the very early nineties .
They exchange information OAHI members can have a full membership in ASHI for I think $100:00. they attend each others conferences at members prices and OAHI uses ASHI’s SOP.
They are extremely close to each other almost one and the same.
Ray and I have been pushing as hard as we can but only a few seem to give us support.
Most seldom even post on this BB and voice their thoughts .

Roy Cooke

Lobbying the government to only license Nationally Certified HI’s?
Perhaps no grandfathering?

OAHI may include “all” inspectors, but you can be sure it will be to their tune. Remember the same Directors who run OAHI were appointed to CAHPI to represent OAHI. I also think the divisions within OAHI and CAHPI are coming into play.

Sure is strange. I have spoken to a number of OAHI members and no one has been informed of Aubrey LeBlanc or anything about licencing or that OAHI overnight has retained a Manager! It doesn’t appear as if OAHI has consulted the membership nor sought approval of expenditures of over $6500 as required in the by-laws. :frowning: What good are by-laws if they are not being followed? Can OAHI be trusted to do anything right. let alone licencing?

Heck I am still waiting for financial info, minutes, and where head office is.

Very, interesting! Indeed.


I assume your post alludes to the fact this is the first you have heard of it too?

What I found interesting was some OAHI members at the Pro-Lab mould course asking me questions about OAHI .
Like how many RHIs there are and How many students and associates there are .
None had a clue about how much money OAHI has or where it gets spent.
I would be very surprised if they all do not join NACHI .

They where very surprised how knowledgeable the class was .
I had 4 different ones at different times come up to me ask basically the same thing .
Now glad they where to come how I and others had helped the class so much with questions and answers that they needed to know and did not have any ideas about.
They had little knowledge on mould and had gained so much in the class 8 hours and they did not want it to end .
I left around 6 and have no idea when it finally ended .
I was told Saturday was the same the students did not want to quit.
I am so pleased to see so much co-operating by so many great people it was very nice .

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member