OntarioACHI & InterNACHI inspector booth at the MREB Real Estate Board on April 20.

Inspector booth manned by member Len Inkster.

Thanks Len!


Another successful day promoting the CMI and CCHI and educating Realtors about how Ontario Inspectors are working to comply with recent and future legislative changes.

Many Realtors are unaware of the pitfalls of referring an inspector who might be in breach of the law with the MoL and WSIB changes, or how to navigate the various certifications for Inspectors in Ontario.

500 CMI rack cards given out. Great interest in what OntarioACHI are doing with the various arms of Provincial and Federal government to drive professional standards up, and liability for Inspectors, Realtors and our joint clients down.

All-in-all a positive day for the profession…now if we can only kill these multiple offer waivers of home inspections… :smiley:

Yes, the Team at OntarioACHI still champion the advantages of the CMI to properly awarded inspectors.

Playing to a packed house, where everyone can properly pronounce Mississauga. (Sorry Pres. Obama)

A very good event indeed!


Nice work, Len.