New Canadian Internachi member seeking hands on experience

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get some hands on home inspection experience. I recently completed the Internachi inspector’s exam and have completed various other courses (30) . I live in Ajax Ontario and am trying to find inspectors or companies that would allow me to tag along and learn from their inspections. Can anyone provide me the name of an inspector or company that might fit the bill ?. I don’t want to create/upload a website or go through the business card/pamphlet/real estate agent process until I actually have experience.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Ken Garside

Do Not Wait on your website! It could take up to a year before it shows up on search engines and begins to work for you. It takes time to develop a website. It all doesn’t happen overnight. At least get the basics done to let the search engines begin their indexing of it.

Thanks Jeffrey for your quick reply and advice, appreciate it,

I guess I’ll start putting the website together but I’m still gonna need some hands on experience,


InterNACHI In Ontario has an excellent Chapter called OntarioACHI and you should join them as a start! You may want to “ride shotgun” with some experienced inspectors (I run a mentor or coach program that new inspectors have to go through and that helps them get comfortable in the saddle). Get some exposure and although some may not agree, real estate agents can give your business a good “thumbs up” once they get to know you. So it’s a good idea to meet the (targeted office’s) Top Broker and present your services. In fact I still use an adapted presentation INACHI came up with some years ago called “The three fatal mistakes a first time home buyer makes” and that is a great sales tool.

And Jeffrey is correct as a website takes time, so you have to initiate it yourself.

BTW if you look into INACHI’S resources, you’ll find many tricks and trumps to help you.

And the good guys and gals here on-line always are happy to help!

Good luck!



I am sure you will find someone here at NACHI or OntarioACHI who can help you with ride-alongs/mentoring.

If you still need help, you can try this:

Call OAHI and ask them to email you a list of RHIs in the GTA who let new inspectors to go to real inspections with them and learn. You can call them up and see what they have to say.

Hope that helps.

Ken T it is best to talked to however is the best in the Ajax area.
Now you can’t expect him to take you under his wing unless you either pay him or make some kind of agreement. Then again each Inspector is different so you are on your own sometimes and need to go some other area to get mentored.

Thank you Gilles for the great info.,

I’ll definitely join OntarioACHI and see if I can hook up with some ride-alongs


Hi Muhhamad, thanks for your help,

I’m sure somewhere in INACHI, OAHI and OntarioACHI lies a helpful brother inspector with whom I can “ride-along” .

Appreciate the advice,


Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply,

unfortunately, that’s my problem, - I have emailed or phoned EVERY Internachi inspector in the Ajax/Pickering area to no avail -

I’m well prepared to establish any “arrangement” financial or otherwise if I could just hear from someone,

I’ll be joining OntarioACHI today and we’ll go from there,

Thanks again


Call Roy Cooke.

Feel free to give me a call–I’m in Burlington and have done mentoring / shadowing before. The usual deal is half a day inspecting and half a day for report writing–more or less.

I was going to post up a general notice that I’m willing to provide mentor / shadow service but not sure if that would make me a vendor and all the hoopla that goes with it…

Thanks Stuart I was hoping someone would help him down there.

Ken I am looking for an inspector in your area. Our company provides free training. Contact me and we can discuss this in more detail.
Allan Spisak

I’m happy to have you ride along, and I don’t charge, but it’ll be a long drive for you to my usual work areas. If you’re up for it anyway, PM me and we can try to set you up.



Even I did one with Mark! But was there to observe what is done in his area. You will enjoy it and learn from one of the best.:mrgreen: